I write to get out what I can't say in person.

1st December 2013

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14th September 2013

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what do u mean this gift is not for me?

my heart is broken

14th September 2013

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14th September 2013

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me. via

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14th September 2013

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14th September 2013


Feeling numb. :(

5th May 2013

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5th May 2013



I totally forgot my recital is in 2 days. I’ve barely practiced. 

I’m just … done. I don’t care anymore. 

I’m tired of playing, 

I’m tired of practicing, 

It just feels like a waste of my time, now. (Kind of always has.)

I was just doing it for fun and because I could, but it no longer seems fun. :(

I’m just so excited that in a few months I will be at UCR focusing on my degree in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology! 

I can’t wait!! OMG I’m so happy about that! 

24th April 2013

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Reblog if you’re Single.




Good lord, all of us on tumblr should just date eachother

11 million

12 million…

13 fucking million, i swear if none of you at least asks me for my number im out of here

there should be a fucking tumblr dating site. like they evaluate what you post on your blog and then they would find another blog that posts pretty much the same thing  as you then they would alert you both like

*ding ding fucker we might have found someone perfect for you*

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24th April 2013


I kind of feel like I have a boyfriend, although that’s not the case…. so close yet so far…

Only time will tell…. and a few dates. Lol.